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Empower your creative team with content discovery, editorial management and marketing automation under one platform!


Discover, Create & Manage Your Editorial Process Effortlessly

Unsure how to find and write that next viral hit? Search over 1 million stories in 50+ categories (and growing!) using our Brain Labs content discovery and Popular Article Rank scoring system. Now your editorial team will have the power to dial in on topics that matter most to drive your audience goals.

But wait, it get’s better! Want to manage the writing process at the same time? Now you can! Simply add and assign content you discover to the editorial assignment library. It will guide your team through each step of the writing process right up until you publish and promote your content to one or many (at the same time) of the distribution channels available!

Promote Content In Seconds

It’s all connected. From the discovery process to the promotional setup, your ads are created along the way.  By the time your content is ready to be published, so will your ads.

Review a list of published content and blast it out to all the major distribution channels such as Adwords, Facebook, Bing, Gemini, Rev Content, Outbrain, Taboola,, Ad Blade and more!

Next, sit back and watch your audience grow!

Control The Experience

Manage your ad inventory and control what each user sees. Ad Labs gives you the ability to manage placements, create rules, run experiments and execute on strategies quickly and efficiently. Now you’ll never miss a beat.


Supercharge Your Content

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